This week’s Featured Cake is Wedding Cake ‘Varun’

This was a slightly different order for a wedding cake, as I didn’t get to meet the bride and groom; the groom’s mother ordered the cake. She explained that the wedding ceremony was actually a week before, but that this was a celebration to welcome the bride and her family into their family. What a lovely tradition!

This 5 tier cake in ivory was decorated with hand-made sugar roses and edible Cake Lace. The Cake Lace was then over-piped with royal icing to really add depth to the detail.

Because the cake was so large, it had to be assembled at the venue, hence I didn’t get as good a photo as I usually take. But there is a snap of the top tier on my lap, as we made our way to the central London venue, which does show the beautiful ivory roses with gold filler flowers, as well as a better look at the over-piped Cake Lace.