A Little Story!

Once upon a time, there was a couple who were planning a wedding. Having read lots of money-saving tips in various magazines and websites, they decided they would buy their wedding cake from a supermarket and decorate it themselves.

As their big day approached, they realised that, actually, they had so much else to do in the run-up to their wedding that they really didn’t have the time (or the skill!) to decorate the cake. So they pleaded with a cake decorator friend of theirs to dowel the cake, securely stack the cake, make the topper and decorate it for them. Now, usually, the cake decorator didn’t decorate cakes purchased elsewhere, however, as it was for a friend, she reluctantly agreed. Oh, how the cake decorator had wished she’d listened to her instincts! For upon removing the cakes from the boxes, this is what she found:

Image 14 Image 12 Image 15

Fortunately, the cake decorator was greatly skilled in her craft! And although it took much time, she managed to make the dreadfully covered, uneven, sloping cakes into a cake that was fit for such a special occasion.

Image 13

Now, as a stand-alone picture, the finished cake was just about passable. However, it’s only when the supermarket cake was pictured next to a bespoke wedding cake, that they realised just how very shallow each tier was! Even with the bride and groom topper, it wasn’t as tall as 4 tiers of cake that the bespoke cake maker usually produced. Hardly the impressive 4 tier beauty they’d dreamed of!

Image 10

Ladies and gentlemen, the above is a true story!
A huge thank to www.cakesbysuzanne.net (in Northern Ireland) for allowing me to share her photos with you.
And whilst I won’t name names, the cakes were from a supposedly ‘top end’ supermarket chain. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Of course, had they chosen a bespoke wedding cake to begin with, they would have been able to choose one of the many cake flavours and fillings on offer and they would have had a cake that was
freshly made, just for them. Bespoke wedding cakes don’t always mean big, big budgets. Ordering a bespoke wedding cake means that the cake maker will listen to your needs and wants and then work with you to design a cake you love - sometimes suggesting design alternatives if there are budget constraints.

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